The Incredible Train Trips

India has a number of Incredible Train Trips and in fact trains are one of the best ways to explore India. The complex network of over 100,000    Km’s is efficiently managed by the Indian Railways is one of the biggest in the world. It is not only the best, cheapest and most comfortable way to travel long distance in the country, but some of these incredible journeys are at least as enticing as the destination itself.

Mountain Trains:

Mountain trains that had been built during the British Era, serve not only as living proof of the engineering excellence of the yester years but also take us a short time travel of the years in which it was an arterial part of the everyday commute.  Even today, these trains serve as the best way to explore these areas.

The must visit mountain railways that have survived the passage of the time are:

1)      The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway - Jungle Safari – Siliguri and Joy Ride – Darjeeling , West Bengal

2)      Nilgiri Mountain Railway @ Ooty Toy Train, Tamilnadu

3)      Matheran Light Railway, Maharastra

4)      Kalka Shimla Hill Railway @ Simla Toy Train, Himachal Pradesh

5)      Kangra Valley Railway, Himachal Pradesh

Exclusive Destinations:

Railways also serve as the best and only way to explore some destination/routes like the

  •   Dudhsagar Water Falls
  •   Konkan Railways

Luxury Train Trips:

The Indian Railways can also spell sheer luxury. Primarily focused on the inbound tourists from the western countries, these trains leave no stone unturned to provide a truly luxurious travelling experience to the tourists. The uber luxury trains of this category are the

1)      Palace on Wheels

2)      Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

3)      Deccan Odyssey

4)      Maharaja Express 

5)      The Golden Chariot

The Indian Railways also conduct special packages that are fixed date departures targeting various, inbound and local tourists packages that can be booked with IRCTC and are operated by them in liaisons with local tourism operators. Most popular ones are the annual pilgrim tours that are organized in various themes based on both faith and geography.

Another interesting way to travel pan India in the train is to be part of a special chartered trip conducted by a private organization or charter the train or a compartment for your group on an existing route. One such unique experience to travel India with group of fellow travelers is the Jagriti Yatra.

Jagriti Yatra is an annual train journey conducted by Jagriti Sewa Sansthan to promote entrepreneurship in the country and is also open to a limited number of international participants. The participants are selected through a rigorous selection process to ensure the participants aspirations are in alignment with the goals of the Yatra. Having been a Yatri myself, I can vouch for the life changing sojourn that it can be and has inspired such journeys in many parts of the world.

So what other special train trips have you been? Please let us know in the comments....

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