Pune Culinary Trail

Pune has some awesome places and the pune culinary trail is treat to the foodie in you. Some of these places that had been built many decades ago , in pre independence era and have stood the testimony of time. I am listing here some of my favourite places and I will add more as I find them.

Shrewsbury Biscuits at ‘Kayani Bakery’

Kayani Bakery, an Old Iranian Bakery that was established in 1955 is one of the landmarks in East Street of Pune. It is so famous that you can see namesakes establishments elsewhere and Kayani proudly proclaim they have no branches and are the one and only establishment. They serve some mouth smacking snacks ever in Pune or probably most of Maharashtra or even in India.  While most of what they serve is good, they are best known for their Shrewsbury Biscuits and Mawa Cakes. It is always crowded and you can see stock flying of the shelf or even the ovens. Be early in the day so as to get your pick of items.  

The pricing of the items are reasonable and the taste is out of the world. Shrewsbury Biscuits are priced at Rs.320/per Kg and Mawa Cake at Rs.25/ slice.

Chocolate Sandwich at 'Flavours'

I didn’t know one could make a sandwich with chocolate and make it good, infact outrageously good. Flavours probably makes the most delicious chocolate sandwich ever. Even though I am not a big chocolate lover, I so fell in love with their chocolate sandwich. If you are a chocolate lover, look no further. The sandwich is not just glazed with chocolate on the inside but also the outside is filled with finely grated chocolate and Hersheys Chocolate Sauce. For just an additional 5 bucks, you can get more sinful and add finely grated cheese to it. It is indeed sinfully delicious. You may have to run a whole marathon to shed the calories off but let’s not spoil the fun now!!

Chocolate sandwich is priced at Rs.45 and Chocolate cheese sandwich is priced at Rs.50. It’s more than value for money!!

Cold Coffee at 'Buddha Paradise'

Buddha Paradise is a cult place best known for its cold coffee. It’s quite a pocket friendly hotel and very popular with youngsters in the Koregaon Park area. Other quick bite items are not so great, but cold coffee has been one of its signature items and continues to be its best ever and also in the neighbourhood.

Cold coffee classic with nutmeg and coco topping is priced at only Rs.20/- and the rich thick creamy version of the cold coffee is priced at just Rs.30/-.The cold coffee looks and tastes awesome.

This will be an ongoing article...I will add more as my mouth waters...

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